Could not resolve host when update DNSBL feeds

  • Hello Forum!

    I just set DNS over TLS following this guide: link. Copied the given lines to custom options, so now my Custom option lokks like this:

    include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf
    name: "."
    forward-ssl-upstream: yes

    I'm using a DNS server from Austria, and running the pfBlockerNG devel version (latest). I pasted the DNS server IP under General Setup --> DNS Server Address, and set Gateway as WAN_PPPOE, enabled DNSSEC, DNS Server Override is unchecked, and Disable DNS Forwarder is checked.

    I have these feeds enabled:

    • EasyList feeds
    • ADs
    • Malicious
    • Cryptojackers
    • Abuse_C2
    • hpHosts
    • Microsoft Hosts containing 4 host lists from github (3 Crazy Max's lists and one fron Jason Hill)

    Wanted to whitelist some domains, but when i hit update, all of the feeds says "Could not resolve host when update". But if i copy an address, like, in the browser it is resolved.

    I know i made something or missed something, but i don't know what. Can anybody help me out?

    Thanks any help anyone can provide to resolve this issue!

  • @Hurkamurka said in Could not resolve host when update DNSBL feeds:

    I just set DNS over TLS following this guide: link. C....

    Wait .... that's old info.
    As the blog states, it's build in now. See
    You are using 2.4.4-p3, right ?

  • Hey! Thanks for come by. Yes, i run the latest pfSense.

    The extra info about the custom lines was hidden way too at the end of the blog, but i've found it after my post, and now i changed my settings according to that.

    Strange thing, but changing the DNS server to UncensoredDNS, seems now everything working fine. I think i will let Applied Privacy know about this behaviour.

    Maybe do you have a clue why could i resolve the hostname in the browser, but not in the DNSBL feeds update?

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