Pfsense blocking network access on pc but not on phone?

  • Hi All,

    Very new to pfsense and networking in that I dont know much about settings but have had pfsense up and running as my router and working fine for about a year now. My problem is just today that when I try to access pfsense or my freenas box on windows pc through chrome i get "Your Internet access is blocked Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection. " but when I go through chrome on my phone I can access everything no problem. I haven't changed anything this just started for (apparently) no reason. I can access internet from this pc as evidenced by me posting this from it. Been googling the heading of this post but to no avail.

    Windows and pfsense do auto updates, so wondering has there maybe been an update recently thats killed something?

    Anyone any ideas?

    Any and all advice welcome, thanks.

  • It's most likely a Windows update. Pfsense NEVER auto-updates itself.

    Post some details about your network - LAN subnets, wifi access points on this network, any firewall rules you may or may not have, etc.


  • @akuma1x Cheers for getting back to me and sorry about the delay in reply. It turns out it was nordvpn in the background. I had it set to "NOT" auto-start with windows, which it wasn't and there was no icon in the app tray but when I went into task manager there was some part of it that was running in the background blocking all Lan traffic but not wan traffic. Really weird, and hard to diagnose! I turned on nord's auto-start with windows feature and turned it off again, rebooted and everything was back on. Really annoying, not happy with Nord.

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