• It seems that the latest snapshot, 21 april, takes a very long time to start

    configuring firewall -> stay here more than 2 minutes

    Final filter pass - > stay here more than 2 minutes

    I ask myself if this is because i'm using FIT123 AFC since last realease.

  • After disabling FIT123 AFC, the boot time come back to normal.

    AFC should be disable at boot time to avoid 4 minutes of time lost to boot. But this seems like a hack.

    BSD OS do prefer real solutions than hacks. I think that some deeper work has to be done inside FreeBSD for a reliable MultiWan support.

  • I reboot only after an upgrade. Or when i suspect a problem. This seems to become rare with the latest 1.2.3.

    But waiting 5 minutes after for a reboot is quite long for a production router where multiwan is enabled.

    Multiwan needs to works perfectly as it is a high availability option.

    My feeling is that neither BSD neither Linux does have yet complete support for Multiwan. If they had, we should not need to reset the full state table after a wan failover to get back VoIP connectivity.

    Resetting the entire state table means that all tcp connections are lost, even those who are not in the failover group.