Configure Opt1 to act like switch port?

  • Probably just asking for trouble here...but does anyone know how to set up Opt1 to basically act like a switch port off of LAN? I thought bridging might do it but apparently not. Hopefully this is not just a lame question. I just need one switch port...TIA

  • @sbcompute

    Given the price of switches, why bother?

  • I'm going to have to second @JKnott. You can get a 5 port gigabit switch for as low as $16. Even if you get the OPT interface bridged to the LAN, you're not going to get the same performance as you would with a switch. Do you really want to go against best practices over $16? Not to mention, if you don't need gigabit, that price gets cut in half, so I'm not quite sure why we're trying not to use a switch here.

  • Yeah ok bad idea...just trying to cut down on stuff but you guys are right it’s not good architecture.

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