How to block incoming and outgoing traffic of an IP?

  • I want to block the ipCam but I forgot how to do so (too shame I didn't export the configuration before ...)

    I want:

    1. to ensure that no one can ping or reach the ipCam from outside(any port)
    2. ipCam can sync with an NTP server
    3. to block all other requests from ipCam (any port except port 123)

    I am confused about the concept of WAN and LAN setting page.

  • LAYER 8

    by default nothing can connect from the WAN (wide area network / usually "internet") interface to your ipCam, you need to set a port forward to make it reachable.
    the ipCam need to be set with a static ip then you can set rules on the LAN (local area network / usually inside your home/office) interface to prevent it from going anywhere. not realy useful as you can watch the ipcam only when you are at home and connected to the same LAN network

  • Thank you for the reply

    I used to management setting log to blocked connection, so I can see:
    a) which IP is trying to connect to my IPcam.
    b) which IPcam is actively trying to connect to those manufacturer's servers around the world.

    I want to do that again but just can't make it after all of my trials ...
    I want to know if those "creepy automatic connections" still exist ...

    That's what I want, to isolate all device in this house which I can only access by OpenVPN (OpenVPN+IpCamViewerPro)

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