Slow Speeds On Lan

  • Good day,

    We recently setup configured the PFSense community edition on a new machine.

    With that said, we are able to connect remotely to machines behind the firewall without any issues, including the websites thereof (this also includes connection to FTP sites).

    However , when trying to connect to FTP sites from the machines behind the firewall. The connection is so slow that the connect session attempt, eventually bombs out. In addition to this when connecting to some external sites we have issues were by the load for a very long time. In essence connections from the Lan end are slow - may you kindly point what we would need to do.

    Also just to mention the PDSense community edition was installed as we would eventually like to replace our working older PFSense and it is running PFSense version 1.2.3 RC3

  • Good day Heper,

    Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated.

    Please note that I managed to resolve the issue when disabling DNS Resolver and enabling DNS Forwarder.

    However the PFSense machine, updated yesterday at 11:44 and the Lan slowness issue came back.

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