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  • I'm generating a wildcard certificate in a pfSense box that acts as a reverse proxy. When I access the servers in the LAN, each server should serve using the same wildcard certificate as when accessing externally.

    So whenever I regenerate the certificate, I need to distribute it internally to a few servers on my LAN.

    Is there a way to access the certificate chain just generated from a Shell Command action? Do Shell Command actions receive any parameter that I can use to access the certificate?

    My plan is to keep the key a shared secret in all the servers, and push the upload the certificate to an internal git repository each server will be monitoring for changes, to get the fresh copy of the certificate periodically.

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    Not exactly. What you probably want is to enable Write Certificates on the General Settings tab. Then you can copy the certificates from /conf/acme on the firewall off to wherever you want. Or, better yet, have the servers fetch them via scp or similar function.

  • @jimp I completely missed that setting! Thank you!

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