HAProxy never autostarts for me

  • Hi,

    using haproxy for quite long time, however I find annoying each time pfSense restarts (me restart it or there is a power outage). I do have to manually starte HAProxy from it's Services meny by pushing the small "play" button. Then it stater well until next reboot.

    Does it autostart for you ?

    I have reinstalled haproxy, also disabled and reenabled it again. Same result.

    Edit. I found a thread with some lua script problem, but looks like not a case for me, since I reinstalled anyway. I'm not using devel version.


  • Autostarts fine for me.
    2 different pfsense installs.

    Can you reboot and post logs here?

  • @maverick_slo which logs precisely ?

    I checked default System -> General log, and only haproxy entry is when I started it manually.

    Is it possible for you to locate haproxy startup script and it's location. Looks like I'm missing it, cannot find anything like that in /etc/rc*

    Maybe it was gone during one of upgrades.

  • Its done via packages "/etc/rc.start_packages"
    Look there and search from there on.

    I also don`t know where it is but I assume that is started as service.

    Post whole boot log.

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