Getting started guide to FRR on pfSense

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    Please forgive me if I am missing the obvious, I'm looking for some recent guides/examples on FRR, specifically OSPF between a couple of pfSense firewalls ultimately and switches connected to them.

    I had something working with Quagga, but found it was a bit all or nothing, so the idea of the Route Maps, Access Lists etc sounds good but I can't get my head around it. I've watched the hangout from Dec 2017 on FRR which has doesn't cover those bits. I've found a few posts saying its possible to set up old style supernets to get the openvpn connections to be published but would like a something covering in a bit more depth if there is a new way how.

    Also am I missing something, i've seen posts where people appear to be doing router style "show ip route ospf" is it possible to run these sort of command somehow on pfsense?

  • Have a look at my post

    The screen shots show I'm simply redistributing Kernel and Connected routes

  • Hi

    Thanks, I think i might have seen your post before but misread it first time arround.

    I've also now worked out that I can ssh into the pfsense box and then do vtysh in order to get into a route style console. So I'm now able to do "show ip ospf neighbor" and see my the connected via openvpn pfsense and locally connected core switch.

    So that's good, if I have a look again at your post I should be able how to allow the routes advertised from the router into pfsense's routing table and advertise the routes back into the routers.

  • @barryboden

    You can get all that info from the GUI too



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