• Hey there , Im working on setting up pfsense ha in a vmware environment. My question is on my secondary (slave) pfsense vm node do i need to configure all of the interfaces with an ip or only config the lan and carp interfaces. for example my primary pfsense has about 8 different networks: lan/wifi/wan/sonos/etc do i need to recreate all of these interfaces and set them with a static ip on the secondary box? or will other interfaces automatically get an address after config sync ? Thank you in advanced any bit of guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • As each interface on both pfSense boxes need a unique IP, these settings cannot be synced to the secondary.

    You have to configure the basic interface settings on the secondary as well, before you can add CARP-VIPs. The CARP-VIPs will be synced to the backup pfSense if XMLRPC sync is enabled.

    See the docs for details:

  • thank you so much =)

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