Captive Portal Probelm

  • Dear All,
    I'm facing a problem that the sometimes CP not showing for the users specially If I delete them from the CP status to re-login again. also, the redirect url shows as the pfSense url/ which is the redirect url is
    Please Advise guys!
    Thanks for that amazing forum :)

  • Hi,

    What do they see exactly ? URL ?

    Understand that all OS's these day detect captive portals - and pfSense's captive portal facilities make use of this.
    When you shut down the connection, there is no such thing as the OS on the user's device retest for a captive portal presence again.

    If the user was visiting some https site, then there is no way to redirect the user (browser) again to the captive portal's login page.
    What does work : the user should bring the connection down, for example, switch to another wifi connection, or shut down the wifi entirely. Then switch back to your wifi network. This will make the OS to re detect if a captive portal is present (it throws out a classic http://blabalalalala OS specific request) and if so, the user will be presented with a login page.

    Best solution will be : only disconnect people when you want them to disconnect from then moment. Let them handle the issues about how to reconnect. And if they can, why disconnect them in the first place ?

  • Thanks dear for your kind reply. I solved my problem that I created another portal to handle the pfsense CP pages to the users and now everything is going perfect EXPECT I need to add a code to my logout page to get the close event from the pages with a warning message to the users that "if you close this page will be logged-out" then if the user confirm this warning message I will force the logout button before closing.
    Your suggestion is highly appreciated :)

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