Snort Rules updating forever…and ever..and ever...

  • Hello.

    I have searched the forum, but I have not found anything similar. Please excuse me if this is an isolated problem.

    Using PFsense snapshot for 18th April, I've installed the stable SNORT package, restarted PFsense, entered my snort pin for updating the rules and when I select the update tab, the download bar stays at about 70% and never moves.

    Added to that, when I click on alerts and then back to rules tab, Pfsense appears to stick. From there the problem becomes progressively worse as PFsense becomes unresponsive and has to be restarted. The good news? I saved a bunch of money with Geico! Nah…just joking...the REALLY good news is that snort was uninstalled without any problems whatsoever. In Previous version, snort removal was stuck on "script error".

    Any ideas would be appreciated as to how I can get snort to behave itself.

    thanks much..jits.