[SOLVED] OpenVPN Multi WAN CARP Failover

  • Hello!
    I'm implementing multiple Site2Site VPN with failover on multiple WANs.

    On the Server I configured one openvpn server per client, each with its own udp port. Every server is listening from localhost.

    Every WAN connection has a CARP IP NATed to localhost for the OpenVPN udp ports.

    When a client connects to the VPN, it is unable to bring the tunnel up, because of this message on server log:

    "TCP/UDP: No outgoing address to send packet "

    Putting in the custom options:

    local x.x.x.x (CARP VIP of WAN)

    the tunnel goes up.

    Any help appreciated, I'm out of ideas!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that if I connect to WAN IP (No matter which) the tunnel goes up.

    I reviewed my settings: I made NAT rules for WAN Address instead of CARP VIP.
    Changed NAT Rules to CARP VIP (openVPN Port) -> localhost.
    Now it works like a charm and failover is great!

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