Command to Modify State Time Outs?

  • Is there a command that I can use in a script to change the State Timouts? Specifically, I'd like to temporarly modify udp.multiple.

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    i don't think is possible to do that "on the fly", i could be wrong though, afaik
    you can set

                     aggressive    normal   conservative
    tcp.first            30s         120s        3600s
    tcp.opening           5s          30s         900s
    tcp.established   18000s       86400s      432000s
    tcp.closing          60s         900s        3600s
    tcp.finwait          30s          45s         600s
    tcp.closed           30s          90s         180s
    tcp.tsdiff           10s          30s          60s
    udp.first            60s          60s          60s
    udp.single           30s          30s          30s
    udp.multiple         60s          60s          60s
    icmp.first           20s          20s          20s
    icmp.error           10s          10s          10s
    other.first          60s          60s          60s
    other.single         30s          30s          30s
    other.multiple       60s          60s          60s
    frag                 60s          60s          60s
    interval             10s          10s          10s

    Navigating to System > Advanced > Firewall & NAT scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Here at the bottom, you'll see manual "State Timeouts" for the values specified with "pfctl -st".

    State Timeouts (seconds - blank for default)

  • Thank you for your response. I'm familiar with setting time-outs manually thru the GUI. Looking thru the man page for pfctl, I didn't see any way to set the time-outs either.

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