Unable to pass ntopng traffic to Influxdb

  • I have setup a remote grafana docker instance with influxdb. I have set the ntopng Time Series Influxdb URL to point to port 8086 on the servers's IP and enabled all the traffic toggles, but I do not see traffic. I know the network connection is good because I see a handful of packets hit the grafana server when I select different interfaces in the ntop UI (running tcpdump -i eth0 port 8086). I am not seeing any logs in ntop explaining a problem, but it could be I don't know where to look. Regardless of the status of the receiving server, shouldn't I be seeing the traffic land on that port if the Time Series settings are correct? I see references to telegraf on the forums, but I do not see that as an installed or available package. I am running an SG-3100.

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