Emerging Threats Feed

  • Anyone use the Emerging Treats feed in pfBlockerNG-devel? I noticed that the compromised list disappeared recently. I guess ET was bought up by Proofpoint a while back and it looks like they are trying to monetize the ET as a product they sell.

  • Yes, it has disappeared like some others. That's the problem with hard-coding lists in the package. It makes it super-easy for us to get up and running and a super-PITA for @BBCAN177 to maintain. But there are SOOOO many lists, that I certainly appreciate his efforts, without which, we'd all still be muddling along trying to sort out hundreds of lists on our own.

  • "AlienVault is now AT&T Cybersecurity". Well, there goes another one. Doh!

  • I contacted ET and they told me that there was a problem with that file so they took it down for a bit to fix it. They also said that even though they were acquired by Proofpoint a while back they have no plans to change the they they do things.

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