Unable to hit Pfsense vlan from Cisco router

  • So, this may be more of a cisco issue but I've set up a little cisco router/switch lab behind my PFsense. I put a static route into pfsense so i can get to the network behind the cisco router from any of the vlans on pfsense. However, I can't hit anything but the 1.0 network from the switch behind the cisco. I can' figure out what's happening since I can ping my PFsense at 1.1 from the cisco switch. Shouldn't PFSense be able to route to vlans from there?

    The only thing I can think is it's some weird firewall rule thing but I've tried various rules with no luck.

    Here's a diagram of the setup-

    [https://imgur.com/GsM1sMy](link url)

  • Nevermind I'm an idiot. I did not allow the 200.0 network through the firewall into LAN. Spent wayyyyyyy to long figuring that out.

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