Missing DNSBL Feeds categories [SOLVED, broken config]

  • Hi, running latest and greatest of everything.

    I've been re-configuring pfBlocker some and now it's like this after I cleaned out my own feeds and went for the predefined, and added them from there.



    My config borked and I should start over? Or this a known issue and got a solution?


  • It appears you have added it to your firewall to block there.

  • Yes, everything works as it should, but shouldn't the marked feeds show up under DNSBL Feeds Summary?

  • No...

  • @iorx Check your config.xml, maybe something is broken in there.

  • Yepp, something is up with my config. Installed pfB-devel on a newly installed pfsense and the feeds show up in categories like this when added from the built in feeds list:

    They don't in my borked install :-)

    So now we know that.

    Thank you for your time and replies.

  • @iorx Glad you got it figured out...now I see what you were really speaking about. It seems that some just create a firewall rule and those with feed links create DNSBL feed when I looked at mine.

  • Yeah, I added a couple of feeds and nothing showed up as they do on the new install.

    Maybe I'll have a look at the config files to see if there is something obvious which looks broken. But a faster solution is probably just to wipe it, reinstall and go through the wizard again, and then modify from there.

    I had some minor configuration/customization which reduced the chatter from outside hits so only open ports where reported on. Easy to recreate.

    I may have been a little unclear in my post, it was on whim to see if someone encountered something similar.


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