Help with bridging firewall/transparent firewall setup

  • I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything on this so i must be missing something really really obvious.  I had pfsense previously setup back in the 1.01 days and hadn't touched it since.  A harddrive failure though is requiring me to rebuild.

    My setup looks like this:

    ISP –-> pfsense --> switch --> (wan external ip) wrt54g (lan 10.x priv) --> private 10.0.0.x clients
                                    |__ external IP webserver
                                    |__ external IP DNS

    I want pfsense to act like a transparent firewall just passing packets and filtering where necessary.

    I have followed the pdf file  The only step that i couldn't was the enable bridge filtering which has been removed.

    WAN interface ip:
    WAN gateway:

    LAN interface ip:

    Firewall rules:
    for testing purposes i have create rules that allow ALL from LAN->WAN and ALL from WAN->LAN.

    So, i have connectivity from my private and external network to the internet, but when i try ping my servers from another location, all those packets seem to get dropped.  There are no dropped packets logged to syslog either.

    What exactly am I missing?  The only way i have gotten packets inbound is by assigning a real IP to the WAN interface and using a real gateway.  Did i miss an obvious step?


  • For what it's worth… I re-installed 1.01 and used the same config and it worked fine.

  • I'm having this exact same issue after following that same HOWTO thats been floating around forever..  I can ping out, but can't ping my internal servers which are using public IP's.. Anyone else know if the best fix is to just go back to an older version?


    • D2G

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