Snort Throughput Calculator

  • I am wondering what the max throughput for a single interface may be based on running snort off the Super Micro XG-1541 (from Netgate). I have been reading up on Snort for a while now, but I cannot seem to find a good calculator for estimated throughput. My specific problem I am trying to figure out is if our connection spikes to 1.2 Gbps, how many rules can we actually use in Snort before the single CPU thread is maxed out and starts dropping packets. We are only looking at Snort because we are wanting to use the OpenAppID rules for stopping BYOD devices.

  • There are too many variables to make an accurate calculation in my view. Why not simply test it? You can turn on Performance Stats on the PREPROCESSORS tab and look through those log outputs to see where Snort is spending its time.

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