FW Widgets on different IFs show the same entries

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if this is the right place as it is about the firewall log widgets on the dashboard.

    We are running two pfSense boxes.

    On box 1:
    It has three interfaces igb0 (WAN), igb1 (VFLAN) and igb2 (LAN). I have set up firewall rules for all these interfaces and some of them log to the firewall log. In the widget for LAN (igb2) I see all the log entries for VFLAN (igb1); in VFLAN (igb1) I only see entries for this interface, so they are duplicated from VFLAN to LAN widget.
    Why do I see entries from VFLAN in the LAN widget?

    On box 2:
    It has four interface. One of them is a VLAN interface on the LAN interface. Here I see "the same", VLAN interface firewall log entries are also shown in the LAN widget.

    Thanks a lot!