OpenVPN gives a completely wrong subnetmask

  • Hi all,

    At work we are running pfSense 1.2.2
    Now I've been trying to get the OpenVPN server running. I used this howto so it's a basic setup:
    The only difference is that I'm using as address pool and as local network.

    The authentication and all is fine. But the subnetmask that the clients receive is completely messed up.
    For example, I'm on the outside now, I'm getting for IP address and for subnetmask. Of course, this doesn't work.

    I also tried with fixed ip's but that doesn't work either. Can't even ping the server.

    I assume this is a bug of some kind but I don't find anyone else with the same problem on google.
    So what can I do to fix this?


  • (Actuall you're getting as subnet /30, as IP .6 and as gateway .5).

    Read up on how openVPN in a PKI works.
    This is how it is intended.