"One for all" authentication

  • First of all: I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if this topic has been brought up before under a different subject. (My feeble attempt at a search didn't reveal anything, though.)

    Scenario: We have a teenager in the house, with an access to Internet that is scheduled in an access rule. This works pretty well.
    His devices are grouped in an alias, and include phone, laptop and Playstation. On occasion, we would like to dole out additional access times, and doing so with vouchers seems like a logical choice.

    So here comes the question: Is it any way to implement that voucher activation on one of the devices in the group (say, the laptop) will implicitly enable access for the other devices in the group (hence the title), or would we have to issue vouchers for each device individually?

  • Hi,

    This :


    does makes possible what you want - see the description - when not checked.

    "user login" could be classic user/password or voucher login - for any device..

  • @Gertjan: Thanks, I'll try!

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