Cannot connect to http sites, only https

  • I've got a weird problem that I think I've narrowed down to my router.

    I have three networks, lan, guest (vlan 20) , and IOT (vlan 10).

    I just recently switch ISPs and when doing so created a new gateway wan_mgw. I did this so I could use both ISPs as I was switching over and created a gateway group for wan and wan_mgw.

    I don't have any routing of the three networks different from each other, that I know of. However my issue is that when connected to lan, I cannot access any websites via http. If I connect to the IOT or Guest vlan they work just fine. On the lan if I go to the https version of the websites they load fine.

    I'm really at a loss as to what I've done to get this behavior. Any suggestions on where to look to figure out what is causing this issue?


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    Did you block 80? That would be the only thing that would prevent access to http.

    Are you running IPS or Proxy?

  • I have one rule with port 80 in it. It says it in an Anti-Lockout Rule, it is not on my guest or iot rules.

    it is enabled, protocol *, source *, port * Destination LAN Address Port 80/22, Gateway *, Queue *

    I was thinking that my new ISP uses VLANs to direct my traffic to eth0 of the ONT. they do this because eth1 goes to my neighbor.

    Could there be some interaction between my lan not being tagged, but my guest and iot are?


  • I don't know what IPS is, but I don't run a Proxy

  • OK it isn't my router. I setup a VPN and everything works fine via the VPN. I filed a ticket with my ISP.

    thanks for listening,

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