• Hello everyone, I'm really in need of a account control system, which checks, how much(in time) the users use the web and drops it form their quota. In generally, when I create an acc on Captive Portal I need to be able to give a time quota. And when the user starts to use it, the time being used will drop down from the quota and when the quota completly exhausts, the acc should be deleted automaticly.

    And inactivity timer should be set around 3 minutes and logout pop-up windows should be set to ON just to make sure users don't waste their time doing nothing.

    Does anyone have an idea about a system like this?

  • Set up a FreeRADIUS server (aka install the package) and use the expire field.
    You can configure in the CP that the user is reauthenticated every minute.
    –> If the account expired he will be disconnected.

  • Sorry but it is not the way I need it;

    I need a system which is like a prepaid GSM service. You have your balance, but if you dont use it, it stays there. So I want to define an expire field which is something like "Expire After 3 hours of use". So the user can use 15 minutes everyday. There is no date restriction, but usage amount restriction in time. I give you 6 hours of use and you spent 1 hour on the net everyday. So after 6 days you will need to buy the service again.

    I hope that I made myself clear this time  :)

  • I've seen some commercial systems run the way you described - long time ago I've put on a test system with Chillispot + FreeRADIUS running on a MySQL DB. The accounts were generated under two plans:

    • The firse was with a "single login" and never the chance of timing out, for a maximum of 6 hours. Useful for people staying in the hotel for one night. Cheap.

    • The second was like you said with a fixed amount of hours, rechargable, with an automatic disconnect after 5 mins of inactivity. Useful for people staying more nights or returning. A little more expensive, but cheaper than buying twice the other plan.

    See my other topic here (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,15824.0.html) - I tried to describe a pfSense Captive Portal system that allows to deploy your personal business plans (for example, the two I put on for test) in a simple, front-office alike environement for the generation of the accounts. It may fit your need.

    EDIT: Sorry, I see now that you already posted!! :P

  • Thanks for the answer by the way  :)

    So can you tell me how did you achieved that goal? I do have an external MySQL DB Server so all I need is Chillispot. But I need guidance  :(