Need help setting up Tagged Bridge Ports

  • I have a 6 port pfsense vault connected to two 8 port managed switches. I was stubborn enough to spend all day trying to get it setup like I would at work.

    I have two uplinks on each switch. One for the management vlan and then one trunk with the rest of my vlans. I needed to get two trunk ports on the vault with vlans 10, 20, 30, 18, 50. Then I needed two trunk ports with the management vlan and security cam vlan. I could never get it to work with tagged vlans. I ended up bridging the management ports with no vlan tags, which got the management network up on both switches. Then a trunked 10,20, 30, 18, 50 on one switch and trunk security camera vlan on the other.

    It is working but I want the flexibility to use ports on each switch as I need them. Does anybody have any suggestions?

  • @boniface50 At a high level, typically, you'd have the LAN interface enabled but unconfigured, create tagged VLANs off the LAN interface, tag the VLANs you want to traverse the "trunk" between PFsense and your switch(s), then configure your access ports with the correct VLAN(s).

    The switch configuration will vary across the different vendors, but the above is an overview of what needs to happen. What make/model switch are you using? If you have a Cisco switch, I can offer some guidance. Otherwise, someone else may need to chime in.

    You only need 1 uplink (trunk) per switch unless you want to configure a port-channel for extra aggregate bandwidth. Also, that bridge is going to take a performance hit. I'd recommend removing the bridge, starting from scratch and get tagged VLANs working.

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