EoIP for lan based multiplayer over the internet?

  • Is there a easy way to get EoIP working or is it supported directly?  The reason I ask this is that I had another router package and was able to setup friends with a virtual Ethernet network for older lan based games that did not have support for IP to allow over the internet play.

    Thanks in advance

    Here was the setup for a more visual description.

    Lan 1 –--- EoIP -- VPN Client --- Internet --- VPN Server --- EoIP  --- Lan 2                                  |                                 GW                                VPN Client                       GW
                                                    Lan 3

  • EoIP (never heard of it…) is nothing else than a bridge.
    To be honest i would not use it since after googling i still dont know what kind of VPN this is. nvm just plain GRE.

    You can do the same with OpenVPN in a bridge setup.
    Checkout http://openVPN.net for the howtos.

    But this leads to bridged network over the internet which is imo crap.

    There has just recently been some similar threads:

    these links might help you get the same functionality without bridging.

  • I will check it out, thanks

    The main reason I would like to do this is as i said old games that do not support IP
    Most new Lan based games will not let you play as a lan setup if your ip address is on a differant range then the server.
    Most old Lan based games do not even have support for IP
    and in my experance most VPNs do not allow all ethernet traffic

    To give you an example other then gaming
    With a vpn if you connect to a network with a shared drive in windows the vpn client can not see what computer has the shard drive under the network list becouse that data is not passed.

    Here is the router Package i used