Drop down menus not working… Is it just me?

  • I've noticed since going to 1.2.3 RC1 that they drop menus in package install and squid, since those are the ones I have noticed it showing up in, are not working for me.  I tried to see what there was regarding squid, but since it is happening in the package install phase also, tells me there is something else going on.  Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Just call me dumb and "what was he thinking"?  Well, I figured out my problem.  I was using IE instead of Mozilla; maybe this post will help someone else on this forum.  I can't believe that makes such a difference.  I always use IE for pfsense, then all of the sudden it stops working so I just assumed it was pfSense; well I know better now.  I guess Mozilla works better for open source sites and software.


  • IE does work with PFsense, just you won't get the pretty real time graphing.  I prefer Firefox over IE anyway so no biggie.

    Thanks for pointing this out for those who may have trouble with it.


  • Go to "System|General Setup" and change the "Theme" to "metallic". The drop downs work much better in IE with the "metallic" theme.
    Also, installing the SVG viewer plugin for IE allows it to show the graphs.

  • Can I add that they don't seem to work in Google Chrome browser either.

    using 1.2.3-RC1

    PS: not talking about the main PFSense menu's which are fine, but the Squid configuration menu with "General Setup", "Upstraem Settings", "Cache Managment" etc…

  • Darkk, just going through my old posts.  Thanks for the suggestion, but I've noticed a slow down with anything other than pfsense option, but I haven't done the pfsense drop down.  I think mainly because my boxes are older and I even use some machines that are 366mhz for dhcp and squid.  I'm trying to cut down on the cool themes.  I think Firefox works fine if that's what I need to do.  I try not to give too much market share to MS. :)

  • If you noticed a slow down, maybe because playing with the theme cause the ntp client to acquire time very often since it suppressed the time update interval in your XML conf file like it did for me.  See my previous post about theme changing and NTP issue.

    Re add manually the time intervall parameters, it did worked out for me.


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