Problem Vlan with Vmware

  • Hi guys
    I am having a problem with implementing Pfsense virtualised on VMware 6.7.
    The need of the customer demands the segmentation of the sectors in different networks and for this reason I opted for the use of vlans.
    However something very strange is happening ...
    I created 5 vlans by assigning each of them to a port group in vmware and the pfsense virtual machine assigns an interface to each port group.
    However I identified a conflict between interfaces, as two of the vlans were not working.
    interface vmx1 network was not delivering ips and by tcpdump I identified that it was receiving vlan ping packages in a simple ping test that I performed

    I tested changing the vmx5 interface mac in vmware but it was assigned to vmx1 interface

    I confess I don't know what's going on ... Could you help me?
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