• Hello,
    I was curious is there anyway I can somehow make my config my pfsense server so it can allow two players in StarCraft with the same IP and in the same game on Battle.net since Starcraft is a very old game it usually would just lag one of us out. So I was curious if anyone accomplished this without using 2 different IPs.

    thank you.

  • I had to track this down when getting PvPGN to work with external SC players for my LAN. The problem is that Starcraft encapsulates it's source TCP/IP port within the data itself, so simple port forwarding fails often.

    Well, what you have to do is:

    1. Alter the PCs in question to use different source ports from default. This is a registry edit on Windows, and a ResEdit on Mac.
      a. use regedit to edit/create:
        HKLM\Software\Battle.net\Configuration REG_DWORD "Game Data Port"
        (choose a unique so far unused port for each client, value should be in hex)
    2. Then on your router forward each of those ports to the correct client computer
    3. Enable Manual Outbound NAT, and setup each port you chose as an outbound source port (so that it isn't translated to another port # on the WAN side, this is waht borks up Bnet a lot, since SC encodes the port # within the data, etc..)
    One of my entries looks like:
    WAN 6113 * * * * YES