All VLan Traffic over an OpenVPN Tunnel (Cyber Ghost)

  • I have created a VPN connection to Cyber Ghost VPN and it is connected to my router. It is working just fine when I perform a traceroute from the router. But when I connect a VM to that VLAN 6 and I google "Whats my IP," i get my IP address. I know the traffic is not going over the VPN then. Do you have any guides, or steps on how to do this?

  • Your provider should have some guides actually. At a high level, you need to assigned the VPN to an interface, policy route the traffic sourced from that VM over the VPN gateway, create a NAT on the VPN interface

  • @billsecond

    When you say VLAN traffic, are you saying you're trying to send VLAN tagged frames over the VPN? If so, it won't work, as VPNs, in TUN mode, won't pass any Ethernet frames.

  • @marvosa Perfect, I did get it with Policy Route VPN. I was trying to do this before, but I was missing the gateway, I had already created it for my VLAN, but didn't realize I also needed one for this VPN. Once added that and configured everything it all worked!!!

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