Minor issues with "non-pfSense" rename logic

  • I have been building a parallel 2.5 version for a few months now and noted a few anomalies in the build process:

    • The builder_common.sh routine redirects the Jail delete confirmation prompt to null when it should not (fixed by deleting the >/dev/null 2>&1 from the jail delete command, see my commit 99cddad71c578652a0498698b4b5e8efbb0cf126)

    • The builder_common.sh routine has three issues. First, a number zabbix ports do not have a pkg-descr, I add code to test for the existence before including filename in the sed command. Second, sysutils/pfSense-update/files folder do not get renamed when they should be because the last for loop in the rename section is limited to directories. By removing the "-type d" option from the find command these files get included in the rename process. Third, the php module rename has the pfSense.c order backwards and php_pfSense.h file references in pfSense.c and dummynet.c (My commits 78b496b0c425cbf8a1e194f1605b5e0250ec4d6f and 2bae5af80436689d438fb04cc43956d7ea788f22)

    • The sysutils/pfSense-repo/makefile has four, what I call conditional assignment statements that cause my builds to ignore the intended renaming. By changing the 4 "?="s to "="s, the assignments get correctly handled. (My commit 0cd5aff15eaf0335466d07800606e22f2b9499fe in FreeBSD-ports)

    I can issue pull requests for these changes which ever version, I think they likely apply to both 2.4 and 2.5.

    edited builder_common.sh bullet to add second commit.
    edited first bullet to reference correct script.

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