PfblockerNG with MultiWAN

  • Does anyone have experience in setting up PfBlockerNG with MultiWAN load balanced setup?
    I have read a lot of articles and blogs and so far the system is set up but is behaving inconsistently.
    For example, it's blocking some sites from the list but not all, which is strange. The Nslookup is also resolving some sites and others are blocked (getting redirected to
    Can anyone help in this regard?

    P.S. I am using pfBlockerNG-devel (2.2.5_27)

  • Sounds like it's working as's not going to block all, because by default, it has a safe list.

  • Yes, it worked finally, but not as you described. I had both ethernet and wifi turned On and one interface had direct access to the internet, therefore, was bypassing the PfBlockerNG.

    Now I ran into another problem. :)
    Everything is working fine, except that one PC is able to bypass PFBlocker. I do not know how but I checked directly and also did Nslookup but it's getting through. All the other workstations are getting blocked except one.

    This is the firewall rule screenshot

    Screenshot of NGAlert showing blocked site access from other PC

    Nslookup screenshot from the rouge PC
    From the other PC it shows So its getting blocked there

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