Restrict weGUI login user + ip

  • Hi!
    Is the way to restrict webGUI login by matching username and ip?
    It's question not about firewall rules.
    For example user1 must be able to login to webGUI from ip1. But other users (user2, user3, etc.) should be denied to login from the same ip (but from others ips, that attached to them in some rule)

  • Hi,

    Users created in the user manager ?
    pfSense needs an admin, or two. Not a boat load of people ^^

    The build in pfSense "user manager" isn't user IP aware. But you could have a look at other authentication back-ends, like the FeeRadius package. It has huge possibilities - and filtering user(name) and IP's seems possible to me.
    No firewall rules needed, promised. Just the very deep learning curve of FreRadius.

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