Multi-Site IPSec VTI and Default Route

  • I have two sites, both with pfSense, and I have a working IPSec VTI tunnel between them. I have stood up BGP and routing is working as I expect; I can ping nodes across the VTI without any issue. Now, what I am trying to figure out is how to set one VLAN up with a default route in Site1, so that all it's traffic will go across the VTI when it's up, otherwise fail back to the local gateway when the VTI is down, which is why I want to use VTI and BGP to hopefully do all the routing heavy lifting for me. If I need to set it up so that all VLANs use Site1's WAN when the VTI is up, that's ok too.

    The piece I can't seem to wrap my head around is how the heck to make the VLAN route across the VTI and use Site1 WAN when it can, otherwise use it's own WAN at Site2. I do have BGP set to Originate Default with Site1, and can see in the FRR Status that is the case, but when looking at the Routing tab under Diagnostics, I don't see that the default route is going across the VTI, so I'm a little confused on to what I'm missing.

    Here's the diagram (using GNS3) of the setup with relevant info. I've mocked it in GNS3 because it's a long way to Site2, which is not a manned site, so reboot/console recovery is not always an option without a long drive. Besides, this should work in GNS3 the same, it's just forming the tunnel over an "external" IP space.


  • Any thoughts from anyone? I'm still struggling with this.

  • Still looking into this as I haven't been able to find a solution at all. I'm currently going down the path of not using BGP but rather start creating static routes, but I do not have hope there either.

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