HAProxy + leveraging hostname.domain for webGUI interfaces on Synology

  • I've been searching for a day or two now and cant seem to come up with what I need to help myself do this.

    I used to have this working with some DNS options in DDWRT combined with the reverse proxy functionality within the Synology features.

    I want to type in "hostname.domain" in the URL bar instead of IPADDRESS:PORT.

    I have several apps running on the box and its just easier to type that in the bar and go instead of trying to remember each apps specific port.

    I dont need this available externally. This will only be used while on my local network. Most of the guides i've seen are more enterprise focused and at the bare minimum people trying to redirect traffic from the internet to specific webservers.

    I'm still a complete noob to pfsense and HAProxy, but surely this functionality is relatively simple to recreate.

    any help / hints that could be thrown my way i'd appreciate it.

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