Block access to LAN, allow access to Internet only

  • Hello.

    I woud to like create rule to block access to all hosts in lan form one specific host.
    Hovever this host should have internet access.

    I tried add rule:
    But this not working (host still can connect to other host in lan).

    It is possible?

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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    clients on lan do not talk to pfsense to talk to other devices on lan... So NO not possible to block lan client A from talking to lan client B.

    That would be done at the switch level with say private vlans.

    Or create another network/vlan and put the clients you don't want talking to each other on different vlans - then pfsense can do what you want.

  • @tomaszf

    If all the hosts are within the same subnet, there is nothing pfSense can do to block them, as the traffic will not pass through it.

  • A question back :

    @tomaszf said in Block access to LAN, allow access to Internet only:

    It is possible?

    This :


    (sorry, French Windows version - not my fault)

    has been there since Windows Vista .... and you still didn't get it ? (I'm sure Apple asks the same question on initial connect)
    Look up what it means and why Windows is asking that question when you connect to a new network **, if you want it to be a private, public or company network ? The answer is very related to your question.

    The thing is : the user of the device can choose what he want to "see" on your LAN.
    You, on the other side, as the admin of that LAN network, can only enforce non inter client connection by using smart switches, separate networks (LAN's or VLAN) or some tricks with ebtables ( a cousin of iptables ) that exists in some AP's.

    ** and how does it know that it's a "new network" ? ;)

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