RDP Drop every 30 sec

  • Hi all

    thank you in advance for your support. the issue that the RDP Drop every 30 sec. and I will explain more as below

    we have IPSEC on a Cyberoam firewall and we have PFsense firewall,

    the gateway of all live users is Pfsense and there is a static route and firewall rule for if the destination is one of the IPSEC so the traffic will go throw the Cyberoam then the IPSEC.
    everything is working fine but the RDP drop every 30 sec and reconnect again
    I tried to change Firewall Optimization Options to conservative, as I searched it just extended the time to be 1 m.

  • this would explain it more


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    So your box your doing rdp from to is in this lan network? And its default route is to pfsense, which routes it to the ipsec connection firewall over that same lan network?

    If so that is asymmetrical and yeah will cause you all kinds of grief..

  • yes the machine that i use to open the RDP connection is from my lan and using the pfsense as a gateway
    then the other machine that I rdp to is in the other side of the IPsec tunnel the traffic is the green line from the lan to the ipsec throw the other firewall.

    everything is working fine except that
    whey there is no solution to solve my issue
    when I tried conservative option is the advanced the dropping time became 1 m
    all other users said that solved their issue.

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    Yeah that is going to be asymmetrical and all kinds of problems.. You should connect your other firewall/router via a transit network as the correct solution to your pfsense.

    Or you would have to host route on your box in the lan your doing the rdp to/from.

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