Disabled static route deletes OpenVPN's routes

  • Hi all,

    Just finished fighting with this issue for the last hour trying to figure out why my VPN wasn't routing properly. Turns out that if you've previously set up static routes and disabled but not deleted them (I was migrating from an old setup and kept them just in case), they're not really disabled like you'd think.

    Once OpenVPN starts up and it makes its routes, after about 5 seconds they mysteriously vanishe. Something relating to the disabled static routes is deleting OpenVPN's routes because once I deleted the disabled routes, no longer were OpenVPN's routes deleted.

    In case that wasn't clear:

    1. Have disabled static route
    2. Have OpenVPN make a similar route using the same network (such as thru remote networks)
    3. Start OpenVPN server, route appears in diagnostics -> routes
    4. After a few seconds, route is gone, never to be seen again.

    I think there's something not right here because I can't imagine how this is intended functionality. Perhaps I'm mistaken. I wanted to submit a bug report but their requirements seemed a bit scary and like they want me to find the exact bug in the code, and otherwise to post here, so here I am.

    Hope someone can shed some light on this or get it passed to the right people. Thanks!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I have seen something similar but could not duplicate it in my lab.

    You do not need to find the specific bug in the code to open a bug report, but specific steps to duplicate, preferably starting with a clean installation of the current production version (2.4.4-p3) would be helpful.

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