Ntop flow data

  • Its third time I m asking the same question guys. I dont know there is solution for this or not but if any found solution than please help in this.

    Its regarding collection of traffic flows of ntopng.
    I tried every thing to overcome with this problem :

    1.tried to collect the data in mysql database , but problem is that i can't read those tables coz they are fully encrypted moreover it's only be readable through ntop ( paid version)

    2- I tried to collect the data in nprobe but with in 30 minutes its used about 4GB space of my disk , means its sending PCAP data which is unusable for me coz I want flows so that I can see the URLS also.

    3- other than ntop I also treid like zabbix and Ngios but no one work like Ntopng.

    At last I tried every thing and researched about every possibilities but every time my question remain same ... Is it possible to store historical flow and can we see those ???

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