Upgrading from pfBlockerNG to pfBlockerNG-devel

  • Hi,

    I saw the comment in https://forum.netgate.com/topic/149343/pfblockerng-maxmind-registration-required-to-continue-to-use-the-geoip-functionality/22 about using -devel instead of the "stable" version. I tried searching but couldn't find if there was a recommended path to upgrade from pfBlockerNG to pfBlockerNG-devel? Is it as simple as just uninstalling one and installing the other?

    Also if we start a new router out on -devel is that what the package will be called forever? :)


  • Well pfBlockerNG-devel is pretty stable. Just uninstall pfBlockerNG and install pfBlockerNG-devel. As for the name, at some point pfBlockerNG-devel will become pfBlockerNG 2.2 if not 2.3.

  • My "stable" reference was just regarding it note being the -devel. I know it's existed for a while.

    Uninstall/install lost the MaxMind license key but retained other settings.

  • Turns out uninstall/install looked like it kept the settings but it subtly changed the alias names for a custom alias from "pfB_GeoIPUSv4" to "pfB_GeoIPUSv4_v4" which broke several NAT rules. Error reported by pfSense for the rule was:

    Unresolvable source alias 'pfB_GeoIPUSv4' for rule ____

    Editing the NAT rule and saving without changes corrected it. The NAT rule itself had the new name already, but the old name was being flagged as not resolving because the old name was still used in the matching firewall rule (the two were different).

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