XN driver support for 802.1q

  • I'm currently running pfsense 2.4.4 release p3 virutalized within xcp-ng which is the open source version of citrix.

    I recently became interested in segmenting my home LAN for IoT and other wireless devices and have unifi hardware that supports tagging and VLAN creation.

    Most of the tutorials I've seen on internet describe setting up VLANs with pfsense that runs on bare metal. My pfsense installation of course runs in a VM.

    I ran across this thread in the xcp-ng wiki describing how to create VLAN trunking within a VM- https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/wiki/VLAN-Trunking-in-a-VM.

    Within the referenced link the author states -

    The problem we face with this solution is that, at least in pfSense, the xn driver used for the paravirtualization in FreeBSD does not support 802.1q tagging. So we have to account for this ourselves both in dom0 and in the pfSense vm. Once you're aware of this limitation, it actually isn't a big deal to get it all working but it just never occurred to me that a presumably relatively modern network driver would not support 802.1q.

    He goes on to explain a method where you need to change the MTU on the xcp-ng and pfsense interfaces to 1504 to account for the tagging. Later however there is a warning that accessing the management interface may cause problems since there is an expectation of an MTU of 1500.

    Does the freebsd/pfsense paravirtualization driver actually support 802.1q tagging or is there some misinformation being spread here?

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