Rules based on URL - ok, really Reverse Proxy?

  • Hello, I know that PFSense is not a Media Content Switcher, but I understand that I can use Squid and SquidGuard (and others packages) to allow my different servers to handle the different URL's.

    Scenario: We have multiple urls, for example testa.local, testb.local, etc... We also have multiple web servers, servera, and server b. Both of them use port 80 and 443 (http/https). I want to be able to use a single IP address, point both of those a-record domains to the IP address, then based on the URL, have the appropriate server handle the traffic.

    I am OK with having the certificate being on the router for this to work instead of IIS.

    How do I do this? Any tutorials?

  • I figured it out! I'll set up a video and post it on youtube! I'll post the link here.

    I am using HAProxy.

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