OpenVPN only routes traffic to LAN DHCP addresses

  • I'm facing an odd situation. When I'm connected to OpenVPN, I can only reach certain IPs on my LAN ( What I've found is if the Netgate assigns a DHCP address to the box on the LAN, I'm able to reach it via OpenVPN. If I assign a static IP address to the box, I am not, even though they are on the same LAN range. I suspect it may have something to do with IPv6 as the firewall it is replacing was strictly IPv4 and my entire LAN was only using IPv4. When I do DHCP, I get both the IPv4 gateway ( and the IPv6 gateway assigned to the interface. I've tried turning off IPv6 DHCP, but it is still assigning me a IPv6 gateway. Alternately it could have something to do with how I setup OPT1-4 in bridge mode to the LAN.

    From the firewall itself, I can ping every address on the LAN - both static and DHCP. It is only when I'm connected to OpenVPN that static IPs are being blocked.

    I setup the OpenVPN server using the wizard and made the OpenVPN network I didn't add any special firewall rules beyond what the wizard created automatically.

    Other configuration info that may help:
    I have OPT1-4 setup in bridge mode to the LAN. LAN switches (there are 2) plug into OPT1 and OPT2. Under firewall rules, there are no rules at all for OPT1-4, but LAN has a "Pass all traffic" rule.

    Any ideas how to solve this? Is there some way to register those static IPs with OpenVPN so it can route them?

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