Alias type host (s) not updates

  • Good afternoon.

    Today I ran into this.

    There are Alias like host (s). Until today, everything was fine with him.
    It includes several dns names.
    DNS Resolver is working fine.
    But if you look at Diagnostics \ Tables, then in the table corresponding to this alias, there is at least one record with a specific IP.
    Added a line with the desired IP to this Alias.
    In Diagnostics \ Tables, for this Alias, the line with the desired IP was not added either.

    How to make this Alias update?
    And in general, what is the reason.

  • Hi,

    What is "desired" here ?

    @lucas1 said in Alias type host (s) not updates:

    Added a line with the desired IP to this Alias.

    Where do you enter that ?

    Some images perhaps (screen shots) ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Probably a bug which has already been fixed on 2.4.5 and 2.5.0 snapshots

  • @jimp
    It looks like you specified a bug #9296.

    from personal observations.

    If host is not already involved in any alias, then everything is fine with it. And a table too.
    If host is in several aliases, then the normal table is alias only.

    Description bug #9296
    If you are using FQDN-Aliases each FQDN can only be used once, if
    you use the alias twice, the generated tables are incomplete.

    thanks for the answer.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That was the original observation, but in practice, several other scenarios were also impacted by that bug, so it's most likely fixed no matter what was being observed.

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