Route from Server LAN to Client LAN

  • Hi,

    I have an OpenVPN peer-to-peer (sight-to-sight) VPN configured and functioning properly.

    Interface IPs

    The Server side WAN and LAN:

    Client side WAN and LAN:

    Long story short. the Server has an external, routeable IP which forwards all traffic to the network.

    The VPN is up and working well, except I can't get from the server LAN to the network.

    Assuming there should be a route or NAT somewhere, additionally?

    Or do I need to add a route on the client devicese on the Client LAN?

    any help is greatly appreciated.


  • The route should be set by OpenVPN. But both OpenVPN endpoint, client and server, have to be the default gateway in their respective LAN network.

    To do so, in the server settings you have to enter the clients LAN ( into the "IPv4 Remote Network/s" box.
    In the cient settings you will find a box with the equal name where you have to enter the server side LAN (

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