Lose access to gateway after connecting WAN

  • I'm sure this is something that has happened before to many, but not getting any hits on searches on here or Google.

    So, first time testing PFSense. Have 2 NICs on PC (WAN/LAN). Have ran basic setup. Added 2 VLANs, assigned interface for them, and DHCP for them, Create single rule to allow all outbound traffic for all LAN traffic. All looks good (basic).

    However, within seconds of connecting the WAN, I lose access to the GUI. I get a 502 Bad gateway error, however, I can surf on the internet (via DHCP or static address). The primary LAN is My cable modem assigns a single private IP. Concerned it could be an issue with modem, I changed the network to and get the same result. Once I lose connectivity, I have to pull the WAN and restart the firewall to regain access.

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