Thank You All.

  • Hi,

    Wanted to say thanks to all of you and really appreciate the hard work.
    very new to pfsense, have been using ipcop for little over a year. recently made the switch.
    using @ home mainly

    love the following:
    1. interface
    2. packages
    3. squid guard was so good (but had to switch off transparent proxy in squid as it was blocking attachments in hotmail, would love some help on this one please, worked fine with gmail though)
    4. got snort working (manually at first by following this thread,15464.msg81197.html#msg81197 next time it updated smoothly)
    5. ran a shields up by grc and had never seen all green passed in the past

    over all very very  ;D

    GR8 Work Guys / Gals :)

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