• i was just checking out some sites and came across this
    and it seems the imedia linux ppl r using it with alix boards to make some use of the USB ports on them and seems to work fine enough, i was wondering if by any chance it was possible to have the same on pfsense coz then it would allow to use windows drivers for USB devices to work on FreeBSD so a lot more of the hardware can be made to work with alix and pfsense.

    Consider this as a newbie  opinion so plz dont fire back if something isnt right about it.

  • Quoting the FreeBSD man page for ndis(4) and the handbook:

    The ndis driver is designed to support mainly Ethernet and wireless network devices with PCI and PCMCIA bus attachments. (Cardbus devices are also supported as a subset of PCI.)

    Note: The ndis(4) driver is designed to support mainly PCI, CardBus and PCMCIA devices, USB devices are not yet supported.

  • What USB devices did you want to use? FreeBSD (and hence pfSense) already supports (natively) some wired NICs and wireless NICs.

  • if networking devices r to be talked about then mayb a bluetooth card, some routers which can be connected through USB and in other devices, a USB flash drive to repalce the use of CF cards and i know its not possible and its been discussed also but if possible a way to use a USB ADSL modem (Aztech)