PFSense dropping on LAN with KVM

  • Hello,

    I've come across a problem that has me stumped. I've created a "test" network, with pfSense running as a VM. I've run this setup before without problem on VirtualBox, but running it under KVM seems to cause a problem.

    The setup:
    WAN: [Local network behind my ISP's router]
    LAN - [VM's reside here]

    For some reason, when I boot a VM, no traffic is passed to the WAN. No ping, ssh, DNS, or anything else. When I've enabled logging, I can't find a rule that's dropping any traffic.

    However, if I re-assign the pfSense LAN interface and redefine it using the same settings, everything suddenly works. For the life of me, I can't figure out why.

    Can anyone guess what might be going on?

  • Did you disable Hardware Checksum Offloading in System > Advanced > Networking?

  • viragomann, I did try that, just now. It seems like it describes the problem, but didn't seem to fix it.

    Upon rebooting a system on the LAN side, no connectivity. Once I reboot the pfsense instance or reconfigure the LAN adapter, suddenly everything passes from LAN to WAN.

  • It seems I might have made a mistake in my virtual network configuration. I tried ssh'ing to the gateway, and lo and behold, an ssh server running. Turns out it was my virtualization host listening on that address. A reboot of the router must have made it also on that address (is that possible?) temporarily.

    > virsh net-dumpxml lan_priv
    <network connections='2'>
      <bridge name='virbr1' stp='on' delay='0'/>
      <mac address='52:54:00:2e:3d:0f'/>
      **<ip address='' netmask=''>**
                        ^^^^^ (oops)
    I believe it should be **""** for the network ip address.
    I'll clean everything up and report the results.

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